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Indianapolis has come to be known as the “Motor City” for hosting the Indianapolis 500, but it is an appropriate title   for another reason. On average, Hoosier’s drive 11,110 miles per year, per capita.With few alternate modes of transportation, it’s no surprise we rely on our “motors” more than any other Midwest state.

According to the 2010 US Census, 55.5% of Indy residents commute more than 10 miles in one direction to work – that means over 20 miles, round trip, just commuting to work. Another 23.3% of residents report commuting more than 25 miles in one direction work work, or over 50 miles round trip! The data further shows that 92.2% of all Indy commuters are traveling by car. A little less than 5% use an alternate mode of transportation: 1.8% commute by bus and 2.9% walk or bike (roughly 3% reported working from home).

Nationally, it’s estimated that transportation contributes to 1/3 of our greenhouse gases. In order to change our climate crisis, Indy must change its transportation behaviors. With nearly 900,000 residents, even small changes can amount to big results.